Becoming a member…


Becoming a member of the Hanford Chamber of Commerce not only helps you and your business, but also helps the Hanford community as well.


Your responsibility as a member…


    Pay your annual investments (dues) promptly. This helps you by ensuring you continue to receive benefits in a timely manner and helps the organization because the financial base is there to provide programs.


    Join a committee if there's a program or project in which you're interested.


    Provide us with feedback, such as responding to our surveys or offering us suggestions.


    Ask us if you have a question about what we're doing or why we're doing something, or why we're not!


    Let us know when you have concerns, suggestions, or when things are great and you want to thank us.


    Attend events when you can, or if you can't maybe you can support them in other ways.


    Support other Chamber Members. Shop the Chamber first. Refer to your membership directory or call the office for information on who in the Chamber can supply your needs, and remember: many offer Members to Members discounts. Tell your business associates the benefits of Chamber Membership, and if they aren't members…bring them into the organization.






Please review our Investment Schedule to learn the required investment for you and your business.